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***Documentation in progress*** 

*** Hidden Figures (WIP)***
Category: Exhibition Design
Year: 2018
Mentors: Carolina Trigo

Hidden Figures speaks of ‘minorities’ seeking recognition for their contributions to the shaping of the United States of America. We are in a turbulent time, where being from a certain ‘group’ will make you a target and prone to negative stereotypes. This exhibition aims to give these “less desirables” a voice, and a chance for the audience to come to terms with those ‘others’ who have shaped the way ‘we’ live. There is a chance of being someone great, rather than just being “other”.  For this project, I took roll of designer, artist, and editor to make the majority of the content my own.

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(This is a hypothetical student project done at ArtCenter College of Design.)

Los Angeles,Califas.